Borakalalo Game Reserve

Borakalalo Game Reserve
On the way to the Borakalalo Game Reserve we pick up Albertiens rain jacket in Krugerdorp at Gerards office. She had left it in his car in Johannesburg.
After doing some shopping in a shopping center of Krugersdorp, we drive up all the way to the National Park. We enter the Game reserve around 16 hours. Through the internet we have booked a luxury tent with bathroom, toilet and small kitchen..

Our luxury tent from the outside


The communal facilities

Because we are the only guests, we make grateful use of the large communal kitchen, fridge, freezer and gas appliance. Funny velvet monkeys are keeping us company. Little problem: around half past five the electricity goes down.  In the evening we drive around in the park and see a hyena, blue wildebeest and bucks. Because of abundant rain we get stuck but -with considerable effort, manage to reverse.


Blue Wildebeests


Wet track near the reservoir

Back at camp they provide us with two oil lamps. The oh so nice looking velvet monkeys have, during our absence, been eating our peaches. A lesson learned: properly store all your food!

Day 12
With the promise that in the course of the day the electricity will be repaired, we get a gas refrigetrator. On the way to some walking trails we see five giraffes,
wildebeests, bucks, klipspringers, impalas, kudus and hartebeests. In the afternoon also zebras, warthogs and baboons. The marked hiking trails are hard to find because of the high grass and appear in fact impassable.By car we pass a bird paradise with herons, storks, hornbills and small bird like weavers.


Giraffes crossing the road!




Fortunately the electricity is repaired and enables us to enjoy cold beer and white wine in the evening. We finish the evening with a game of Canasta without
company of the monkeys.