Cape town


Scenery route to Cape Town

After a breakfast of yogurt and fruit we are heading towards Cape Town. We pass Worchester and are glad that we did not stay in that boring place. After endless roadblocks we are finally on the way to Cape Town and follow a scenic route part of the way.At a quater to twelve we arrive in our hotel Daddy Longlegs. Because we can check in after two o’ clock only we explore the neighbourhood and lunch on a sunny terrace. Back in the hotel room we get room 501, of which the walls are covered with Levi Strauss jeans. Unfortunaltely a bit dark and no TV or fridge. In the afternoon we visit the Castle of Good Hope, large and impressive, which contains three museums: a military museum (we skip), the interior of the commanders residence and an exhibition about the Carnival of Cape Town. The residence holds beautiful sceneries at the wall and a very long dining table with 104 seats!


Entrance to the castle

Frits consults an information sign

Residence of the Commander, now museum

Castle even contains a pond with fountain!

A restaurant with African food recommended in our guide appears to be very expensive. We take diner at an adjacent Thai restaurant.

Day 36
We take breakfast in the Compagnie gardens at a quarter past nine. The service is slow but eventually we enjoy a tradional English breakfast. At ten o’ clock we go to the National Gallery and see a mixture of photos, paintings, sculptures and textile works. Especially the photos and paintings give a good impression of old Cape town.



a striking photo of ?

a painting of?

We make a reservation on the two o’ clock boat to Robben Island and use the map to walk to the waterfront. On the way there are no places for a coffee break. Arriving at Clock Tower we finally have a cup of coffee. Albertien was already once on Robben Island years ago and finds the tour much more commercial. When we arrive we have to take a bus in wich a former prisinor takes us on a tour on the island. He likes to hear himself talk and tries to entertain us with funny observations. We are glad to have a break outside the bus.


Hydrofoil to Robben Island

View on the ocean from Robben Island

The courtyard


Arrival pier on Robben Island

The prison where Mandela spent his time is very impressive. After returning to the port, we enjoy a drink at the waterfront. This sunday’s good weather brings out a lot of folks. On stage are several performances.


Back to Cape Town with view on the WorldCup-stadium

Waterfront of Cape Town

Phantom of the Opera

In the evening we eat African food in a restaurant slightly up-town. The waiter recommends to take a taxi  home although its only a fifteen minute walk. We follow his suggestion.

Day 37
Quite early we drive to the Table Mountain. Fortunately it is very quiet and we can go up with the funicular immediately. After coffee in the restaurant we make a great tour up on the mountain.


View on the Table Mountain from the funicular

The aspects of the Table Mountain

View on Signal Hill

At first you only see tourists but after walking more then a mile you are on your own and can enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Frits mingles among tourists

This animal does not care at all

Albertien on the empty plains

Beautiful vegetation

After a one-and-a-half hour hike, we descent on the trail down. It is a very difficult journey where we have to navigate from one rock to another. Downwards we meet many climbers who are not well prepared: too little water, poor perseverance or wrong shoes.


The start of the descent

View on Cape Town

Down we have a lunch and Albertien buys for Frits a cap with neck protection.