Karsimine (White River)

Day 13
On the way to Jacqueline in White River (near Nelspruit) it raines cats and dogs. Fortunately its is getting better after Pretoria. After a long drive over mostly only highways, we arrive around 16 hours at Jacqueline and Trigve. It is Albertiens second visit to Jacq’s estate called Karsimine and she can attest that since here first visit six years ago a lot has changed and much has been built.

Main building of Karsimine
The ronddavel has been transformed into a fantastic one- or two persons self contained apartment. In addition a new building: an airconditioned office as well as two persons apartment.


House on the Rocks


Interieur of the House on the Rocks

On a nice viewpoint on a rock an apartment called The House on the Rocks has been built. That’s where we stay during our visit. Magnificent view from the veranda and equiped with a bathroom and kitchen. In the evening we enjoy chicken with rice and salad prepared by Jacqueline. Unfortunately it starts to pour and it keeps on raining until the next afternoon.

Day 14
After breakfast in the House on the Rocks and coffee with Jacqueline and Trigve, we go to the mall in White River. To buy some shirts and a short for Frits and a book on animal life in South Africa. We spend the rest of the afternoon on the veranda of the House on the Rocks. In the evening  Albertien cooks a wonderfull meal: stuffed portobellos, salmon, green vegetables, potatoes and lettuce.

Day 15
After lunch we are heading for the Hortus in Nelspruit. Unfortunately one of the rear tires appeares to have a puncture. Trigve replaces the tire professionally. The Lowveld National Botanical Gardens are beautiful. We pass two waterfalls along the waterfall trail.


The Botanical Gardens


Albertien admires trees


View on the water streams


A remarkable tree along the trail


View on both waterfalls

We buy an Alberta Magna tree (Natal flame bush or Breekhoutboom) that gives red flowers from February to August for the Karsimine compound..


The Alberta Magna

In the evening we eat a lovely meal on the terrace at the nearby restaurant Loose Mongoose.

Day 16
In an internet cafe in White River we check our mail and drop our flat tire at a garage for repair. In the evening Albertien cookes ossobucco (instead of the desired but nowhere available ostrich steaks) and we make a reservation for a self contained cottage in Olifants in the Kruger Park.