Day 17
On the way to the Krugerpark we make a stop in Hazyview where we drink coffee in a brand new shopping mall. Around noon we arrive at entrance Orphengate. By way of a detour we drive to Oliphants, one of the many settlements in Krugerpark. On a side road a dangerous looking elephant, waving ears and trunk, walks our way. Such a loner can be very dangerous. Albertien carefully reverses and the elephant dives into the bush.Later on we see herds of elephants, wildebeests, impalas and a family of warthogs (Albertien’s favorite animal).


Zebras, also in the Krugerpark


Herd of elephants


Waterbuck on the foreground


Eagle? in tree

Thereafter buffalos and many birds including a bird of pray in a tree. At half past five we arrive in Olifants. Our cottage is beautifully situated on the Olifants River. From the terrace you have a view over the river towards Mozambique. The ronddavel has three beds, sink and bathroom with a great shower and outside kitchen.


Our ronddavel with rental car


Terrace and outdoor kitchen


Frits looking at the Olifants River

Day 18
In the morning we drive to Letaba via various loops. The harvest is meagre but we are lucky to spot a small crocodile, lying in water with a turtle next to it.In the restaurant of the Letaba sttlement we have lunch and take a swim. After lunch we take a loop north of Letaba but, perhaps due to the time of day, we see little wildlife. At night we dine in the restaurant at Olifants but the only choise is a somewhat disappointing buffet.


Crocodile with turtle in shalow water


Wildlife in the wild


Olifants River


Frits searching wildlife in vain

Day 19
On the way back to Karsimine we take a southern route via Skukuza. We see al lot of animals: kudu, deer, zebras, giraffes and ostriches. We have lunch at a picnic place near Tshokwane and take kudu wors with bread and pie with wildlife.
At a viewpoint on the Olifants River baboons and velvet monkeys are watching us. In an unguarded moment with the car windows open, in no time lots of velvet monkeys are sitting in our car looking for food. It takes some effort to dislodge them.
On a fantastic viewpoint on a hill (Granokop), we see a big elephant that we seem to have just missed on the way up.


Lots of impala’s


Kudu crosses the road


View on Olifants River


Viewpoint on Granokop


Albertien points at an elephant


At this one!


The last giraffe in the park

Before leaving Krugerpark we buy juice and water in Pretoriuskop. Back in
Karsimine Trygve takes care of the braai on the terrace until at half past nine a shower makes us flee inside.