Magaliesburg, part 1

Day 5
With Elena’s car, together with Heinrich and Hendrik, we go to the Cradle of Mankind. This is where they say the first human species was found (like in many other places!). An interesting view on the history of the world and of mankind.


Elena with Heinrich at the Cradle of Mankind

Our smart guide shows us some fossils. Then on a boat with an explanation of the origin of the universe from the Big Bang followed by an exhibition on the Cradle of Mankind but very tailor made for children. After bringing back Hendrik, Heinrich and Helena, we go to the caves: the site of Mrs. Ples, a 2.6 milion year old skull of a woman ape, the Australopithecus Africanus. At night we invite Elmi and her childhood friend Cindy for a diner in the super luxery lodge Mount Grace. Indeed we enjoy a delicious meal!

Day 6
Helena and Hendrik show us around in Magaliesburg. First to the Blue Water Mine, unfortunately unreachable due to a collapsed bridge (it had rained heavely lately). Instead we visit a candle factory and make some candles, we drive past the school where Hendrik van Putten once upon a time taught lessons.


Albertien and Hendrik in the Impala Nursery

Then together to the Impala nursery where they grow perennials. The father of the owner was a good friend of the old Hendrik. In the afternoon we buy some beer and wine and enjoy that night a great meal in the Matlapa Lodge.

Day 7
In the morning we go to the nearby village Krugerdorp. There is a small game reserve with ostriches, zebra, giraffe, water buck, buffalo, wildebeest, impala and lion (the latter in pens).


Exotic bird in an isolated area in the Krugerdorp Game reserve


Hartebeest in Krugerdorp Game Reserve

In the afternoon a traditional braai with family and children. We meet Stephan, Elmi’s brother, and his son Sebastian as well as Gerard, son of Hendrik and Rina, the elder sister of Hendrik. Its an american party (we contribute beer and wine) and traditionally the men are taking care of the braai!


The familiebraai!


Elmi dishes up!