Magaliesburg part 3

Magaliesburg, deel 3
After shopping Rina invites us for tea at her home; Rika takes us there. Rika lives in the old house of Hendrik van Putten, together with her youngest son.


Rika and Rina


Teatime in the old house of Hendrik van Putten


You feel put back years in time, so authentic is the house.


Waranda of the house of Rina

Rina showes us a lot of photographs of the next of kin. Also letters of nephew Flip and rear niece Greetje (Greetje has lived several years in Magaliesburg). At night another braai with Stephan, nanny and suns.

Day 11
For nine o’clock Rika and Gustav have organized a a farewell breakfast with the whole family. According to Albertien I do a great farewell speech. We have been welcomed fantasticly by all our very nice relatives. It was a great idea to accommodate us in the Matlapa Lodge. All hostesses receive flowers from Frits as a thank you..


Frits speaches


Rika reacts on behalf of the South African relatives


Frits hands over flowers