Sportswear Comfort Improvement E

Since March 2018 at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce my self-employed business is registrated under the name Sportwear Comfort Improvement (KvK# 71170170). This is necessary to cooperate with the Innovation centre of Topsport Limburg (the Nethetlands). My innovation (see Start Number Pocket) is accepted by the innovatiecentre. That means that a year long they will do all they can, in coorporation with partners, to bring my innovation to the market. It finally going to happen to an inovation that I developed in 2010!

In the meantime  a French company in sportattributes Decathlon brought a version for sale.  See without letting me know. And I am not satisfied with their solution of using a t-shirt in stead of a singlet and the position of the pocket. So I am still looking for a company that will develop my innovation into a product for the gear market. Fortunately there is some progress going on. In december 2017 I visited the Sport Innovation Centre Limburg, part of Topsport Limburg, to promote my innovation. They are specialised in using new materials. In 2018 they choose ten innovations they want to bring further to the market.  On the 27th of Februari I heard that my innovation is one of them. Niw it really going to happen!

From the first of April my contract starts with the Innovation centre. Now I have to design a goodlooking logo and a business card!