Wine country


Day 32
On the way to Swellendam we applicability take a break at Albertinia.


Albertien in Albertin(i)a!


One of the many roadblocks in South Africa

Because of road maintenance we arrive early afternoon at our destination, a nice B&B. It is again a self catering unit. The town centre of Swellendam disappoints us. In the afternoon we walk through the village towards the Drostdy Museum. It consists of a number of old Dutch houses with beautiful gardens and estates around it. All from the days when this
place was the most interior post inside South Africa of the East Indies Company.


The Dutch Reformed Church in Swellendam


Historical buildings, part of the Drostdy museum


Day 33
In the morning we hike through the nearby Bontebok National Park. With some difficulty we can find the entrance. The tourist brochure provides little information about the trails in the park. Fortunately the ranger gives us a copy of the detailed map on his counter. We take a route that is more robust as expected.


View on Swellendam from the Bontebok National Park


Walking trail on the ridge


Impression from the National Park

After a firm climb we get lost near a waterfall. Using the copy we find our way back to the car. After a coffee break in Swellendam we drive to Nuy via Robertson. Albertien can’t resist a wine tasting in Robertson and buys a few bottles of wine. In Nuy we stay in the Valley Guest Farm, a really great wine estate. We stay in the Dutch mansion.


the Dutch mansion


Our room


Day 34
Today a lazy day. Swimming in the pool, sunbathing and reading. We pay the cleaning ladies to wash our laundry.


The swimming pool

The garden


Albertien at dinner


Sundown in Nuy

In the afternoon we visit two wine tastings: Konradie (from our Guest Farm) and Nuy. Nuy sells very good wine. We buy a set of red and white whine for Stephan.

Day 35
On this sunny day the whole farm has been hired because of a marriage. The servants are setting all things up for the ceremony. We planned our stay perfectly!


The wedding ceremony can begin!